Solar Powered Cap

Sun inflicts damage to the fibers in the skin called elastin

Our skin begins to Sag, Stretch, and loses its ability to go back into place after stretching.


The same Sun has shown a way to beat the heat. Yes!

Solar caps that keep you cool and fresh on hot days have been brought to being.

The solar fan cap offers you a pleasant cool world to accompany you in your outdoor activities.


According to weather reports, an average Indian city will have around 250 sunny days in a year.

Also, a solar panel gets charge even on slightly overcast days.

Therefore, solar caps can be used most of the time in a year.

It has two solar panels that power the inbuilt fan when you are in the sun.


A solar cap can be perfect for

  • Picnic
  • Trekking/Hikes
  • Sports (doesn’t matter if you are playing or watching in the stadium).
  • Walk/Jog/Exercise
  • Travelling
  • Shopping and many more



  • Solar caps, with fast rotating fans, provides cool breeze and
  • It works only using green solar energy.
  • No battery is required.
  • The maintenance cost is almost nil.
  • The solar cap is adjustable to any adult size.
  • Carrying a mini fan with you wherever you go may be an annoyance but wearing a cap is a SWAG.


So, buy the innovative solar cap, having two solar panels and a miniaturized fan, that can keep your forehead cool under scorching sun.


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