Solar energy basics

You probably have a lot of questions about solar energy and we probably won’t be able to answer all of them in just one write-up.
But we’ll give you some basic information so that you can get a better idea of how solar may or may not be useful to you in every day life.
Keep in mind though there are both positive and negative facts to consider when you’re thinking about solar energy.

Let’s start with the answer to a basic question what is solar energy ??

Solar energy comes from the light of the sun not from heat so even cold climates could produce power as long as the sun is shining one of the most interesting and positive facts about solar energy is it’s huge potential amount of sunlight to come to earth in a single day,
if it could be harnessed supply all the electricity needs for every human being on the planet for an entire year also solar is a renewable energy resource that will last for a couple billion more years.
We’re never gonna run out of it.
Important facts about solar energy are :
  • It doesn’t hurt the atmosphere, doesn’t pollute or generate carbon dioxide which a lot of people believe is changing global climate and 
  • There’s also no noise pollution with solar energy electricity is created silently when sunlight hits a solar panel, the sunlight react with materials in the panel to produce an electrical charge,this charge could be converted to Alternating current or AC current to be used in homes, for homes solar panels generates more power than the home uses the homeowner may even be able to sell some of the excess( that’s the plan when majority of us will start using solar energy aggressively).
  • By making your home energy independent in this way you can also make your country more energy independent freeing it from the need to import oil when you have home solar energy you don’t need to worry about power outages for rate increases by your utility company another of the more interesting facts about solar energy is its potential in the transportation industry.
Although admittedly.
Practical solar application for mass transit are probably still years away solar energy for cars has been developed but it’s not nearly advanced enough yet for the needs of modern vehicles.
However, It’s interesting to note that a couple of years ago a small aircraft powered strictly by solar energy flew across the entire United States so those are some facts about solar energy that sound positive and promising but there are other factually to understand two for one thing solar panels take up a lot of space that means solar energy forms as they would be called would have to be huge to provide a significant percentage of a large cities electricity supply there’s also a large investment up front to installing solar especially in home it can take years to recover the costs even though solar equipment is “nearly maintenance free” once you have it plus some geographical areas are better suited to solar power than others if you live in an area where it’s cloudy a lot solar energy may not be sufficient for your needs further more here.
Output from solar panels will be reduced if they’re shaded by trees or other structures her some other resources you can refer to if you want to find out more details about what solar energy.
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