Solar GPS Watch

Wrist Watch running on Solar Energy is sounding really cool

The sunlight is typically absorbed by the solar panel behind the crystal and electricity is generated and stored in the battery.

This electrical energy is sufficient to power the watch for several months without light exposure, by allowing the watch to enter the power-saving or hibernation mode.

During this period, the seconds hand halts until the solar panel of the watch is re-exposed to sunlight.


GPS watches have in-built transmitting receivers that can pick up transmissions and adjust to local time anywhere in the world.


Advantages of solar-powered watches

  • Easy to use and convenient to charge
  • No maintenance charge
  • Eliminates the need for frequent battery change
  • Saves the environment (by reducing the number of disposable batteries )

Note: Do not keep the watch in darkness for longer than the charge will last, as it will stop working.

Buy solar watches for yourself and your family members and be environment friendly.

There are so many trendy watches for

  • Men
  • Women
  • Children.

Popular brands produce solar watches that may last indefinitely on original battery.

Here are some pre-eminent brands that manufacture top-quality solar watches like :

  • Tissot
  • Bering
  • Seiko
  • G-Shock
  • Casio
  • Citizen


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