Solar Home Lighting

Solar Home Lighting

How about having a Solar Home Safety Light in your home for emergency purposes.

This pathway light has highly efficient solar panels that can provide around eight hours of light from dusk to dawn with many other very nice benefits i.e


  • It casts light for up to 50 feet from your house.
  • The light will turn ON automatically at night and turn OFF after the sunrise.
  • It can be mounted either vertically or flatly on staircases, gardens, decks, and fences.

A solar dual use pathway light allows you to transform your landscape style by giving it a fresh look every time. 



  • Multi-functional solar powered lights
  • Perfect for outdoor camping
  • Serves as emergency light
  • Horticulture illumination



  • With the guardian 580X, there’s no need to run underground wire from the transformer to your lighting system.
  • As it does not require a meter you save on electricity bill. Also, you save on maintenance charges.
  • The Guardian PIR Motion Sensor controls the LED light output.
  • It switches to from brightness mode to dim mode and vice verse, depending upon the detection of movement around the light.



Dos and Don’ts

  • If the bulb does not glow, exposed it to strong sunlight for a few hours and turn it ON.
  • Keep the solar light away from heaters and other heating sources.
  • Don’t put it in household garbage or fire to avoid explosion


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