Solar Inverter

Power cuts can be devastating as they can damage power-sensitive home/office equipment.

  • Get home a solar inverter and get immediate relief from power cuts and with many additional benefits like.
  • A inverter utilizes solar energy to charge the battery at optimum current and switches automatically between solar, battery and grid electricity to save maximum electricity.
  • These Solar systems are installed in remote areas, often exposing the batteries to arduous conditions.
  • Some inverters come with GEL VRLA sealed batteries, which are specially developed and designed for solar photovoltaic application.
  • The latest Solar Hybrid Pure Sine Wave Inverters are developed especially for people with heavy motor loads such as
    • air conditioners,
    • water pumps etc.



These inverters are suitable for houses where there are power cuts for long hours.

These high-efficiency inverters contain two built-in MPPT solar charge controllers that assures

  • maximum solar power generation during the day,
  • allowing you to save more on your electricity bill.

You can connect multiple such inverters in parallel to go up to a load of 30kVA and solar panel capacity of 36kW, allowing you to power your home, office, or farm completely on solar power.

Advanced solar inverters come with built-in LCS screen and with the menu button, you can customize different settings including voltage range, charging priority, and battery charging.



Solar Hybrid UPS with inbuilt charge controllers are perfect choice for harnessing solar powers from panels to drive your household electrical loads.

Intelligent Solar Optimisation Technology –

  • Maximizes use of solar energy,
    • charges from mains when required
    • saves 1.5-3 units per day Pure sine wave UPS with 85% efficiency.
  • Some solar inverters come with inbuilt charge controllers for fast charging of batteries on solar.
  • There are Separate Outputs for both DC and AC loads.
  • Grid-Tie Function solar inverters have battery backup solar inverters that combine solar, grid and batteries to power your load.


When enough solar power is available, your loads will be directly powered on solar power.

            If solar power is not enough, then it will take balance from grid and keep the batteries for use during power cuts.


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