Solar Oxygen Air Pump

Solar Oxygen Air Pump

Solar-powered devices are pollution-free and cause no greenhouse gases, it reduce the dependence on foreign oil and fossil fuels.


As we all know Solar energy is

  • Non-polluting
  • Clean
  • Reliable
  • Renewable resource.


What’s more, it is a cheap source of energy.

Solar pumps for ponds are 

  • Great zero-cost solution for running water features in your pond,
  • Eliminating the recurring monthly electricity bills.


Ensure that the solar panels are placed in a well-lit area to expose them to maximum sunlight.
The more sunlight you get, the better will your pump run.



  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • AC/DC oxygen pump
  • Advanced single-chip intelligent control
  • Solar panel for auxiliary power supply



  • Fish tanks
  • Small/medium sized ponds
  • Sea fishing
  • Garden aquarium water sprinkling and many more.


Buy the solar high-quality high-output air pump that can fulfill most of the air requirements.

Oxygenate your pond and breathe life to water with solar-powered air pumps.

They are built to ensure years of dependable, trouble-free use.


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