Solar powered Fountain

Solar powered Fountain

The sound of gentle running water in the surroundings of your house will bring to mind a sense of tranquility and harmony and enhance your style of living.

This charming feature will become an elegant, focal point and will blend into the background naturally.

A solar fountain can be the perfect choice that can beautify your surroundings.


When the pump receives enough sunlight, it starts automatically within few seconds(minimum 3 secs) and starts spraying water.

  • However, when the sunlight is weak, the pump stops spraying water, at which time the internal controller has to be adjusted for it to pass through the energy under the effect of weak sunlight.
  • When the sunshine is intense and constant, the fountain functions uninterruptedly.
  • When it is cloudy, the fountain pumps less water, and understandably, we need less water when it is cloudy.
  • The Sun is the natural source of energy that can be used for an independent water supply.

This feature is powered by two integral solar panels making this attractive and realistic with no wiring whatsoever.



The solar water pump is powered by solar energy, eliminating the need for external batteries or electricity.

The solar pump has a new bottom cover that prevents clogged nozzle.


With water flow of appx. 220 L/h with a maximum height of appx. 150 cm, the solar fountain pump is great for settings such as :

  • pond
  • bird bath
  • fish tank
  • small pond
  • garden decoration
  • aquarium
  • fountains
  • spout
  • hydroponic systems
  • water circulation for oxygen and many more.





  • Starts within 3 secs when it is exposed to enough sunlight.
  • Comes with 4-spray head for different water flows and water heights.
  • DC brushless motor with longer service and lower consumption
  • Solar rechargeable battery
  • Permanent magnetic rotor (super long working life of more than 30, 000 hours)
  • Submersible installation and entirely waterproof.



So, buy the sightseeing fountain system, powered by eco-friendly, efficient solar energy. Just install and put the water pump totally in water with its nozzle over it so long as there’s direct sunlight.




The solar power bird fountain kit will not function when it is blocked by dirt particles. If you clean it regularly, you can be free from any worry or stress. The solar fountain for birdbath runs for over 10, 000 hours.




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