Solar Telescope

A solar telescope is a special purpose telescope operated during the day to observe the Sun.

A telescope (reflectors in particular), not specifically designed for solar viewing, will exhibit unnecessary scattering and spurious light transmission.



Also, its resolution is degraded because of the turbulence, caused by the ground around it.

To assuage this, a solar telescope is normally mounted on towers and the structures are painted white.



  • Solar filter sheet for telescopes.
  • With the efficient solar filter, you can safely observe the Sun, without having to worry about any damage to the eye because of the ultraviolet and infra-red radiation. You simply attach the solar filter and our Sun happens to come within reach, instantly.
  • Optical glass lens.
  • The high-quality polymer film is metalized with ion-deposited coating to form a safe barrier.
  • The latest solar filters come with exceptional resolution and superior contrast than their predecessors.


  • They display a natural, neutral view of the Sun’s surface, without artificial tinting. Also, once attached to a telescope, these filters provide
    • sharp
    • scatter-free views of sunspots
    • solar eclipses
    • planetary transits
    • solar granulation
    • white filamentary faculae and many more
  • Some solar filters (because of their neutral color balance) can be used in tandem with various color eyepiece filters to accentuate certain spectral passbands for telescopic studies of different layers within the solar atmosphere.



Here are the advantages of the latest solar films:

  • The latest solar films have quality of a glass with the advantages of impregnated polymer
  • They’ll never develop pinholes or scratches that can let in light and ruin a filter
  • Light weight and unbreakable
  • They do not require re-balancing tube assembly
  • Even density with any aperture
  • Flat surface compared to other thin film filters that have wrinkles and creases
  • Will not tear or puncture





Solar Telescope price in India ranges somewhere from 1500 INR to 2 Lakh (appx)

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