Solar Thermometer

Convenient new solar thermometer saves you a lot of time and money while appealing to the environmental consciousness and demonstrating new reasons to buy.

Now a days, the solar thermometer runs exclusively off the power of indirect light, eliminating the need for purchasing batteries.

It can be hung on the car or tree branches to take a bath when you are camping or hiking.  It is quite a good product to make you clean and feel more comfortable after a long time expedition.



  • sleek,
  • slender,
  • polished,
  • stainless steel handle



Solar thermometer gives highly accurate readings in a wide temperature range from -49 to 392-Degree F, making this a perfect choice for:

  • stove-top,
  • grilling,
  • microwave,
  • and conventional oven needs.




Its slender 1-Inch handle is designed with a reduced tip (2.5 mm) that can be easily inserted into food because it only requires indirect lighting, it can easily be kept charged in any kitchen.

Simply store it in a utensil holder on the countertop.

It provides thermometer readings for up to 20 minutes with 30 minutes of powering in indirect sunlight, or 10-minutes if charged under room light (400 Lux) for 90 minutes.



To save power, the thermometer shuts off after 1 minute of non-use.

The solar thermometer requires only a shake to turn on. It comes with a protective sheath with pocket clip for safe and handy storage. A temperature guide is located on the protective sheath.




  • Sleek, slender, polished, stainless steel handle
  • Solar powered
  • Wall hanging
  • Temperature sensor
  • Digital LCD – top mounted for easy reading
  • Sensor cable of 1 meter
  • Waterproof and floating outdoor transmitter
  • Temperature accuracy of ±1.0 Celsius
  • Battery life of minimum 12 months.

Buy the convenient solar temperature that is great for

  • indoor temperature monitoring,
  • gardening enthusiast,
  • greenhouse,
  • household, etc.





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