Solar yellow Lights

Solar yellow Lights

Yellow lights LED/Bulbs running on solar energy?

Renewable energy has turned out to be the topic of discussion that seek to find out causes and solutions to mounting environmental crisis and pollution.

Thanks to solar energy, the most efficient of all energy resources – both renewable and non-renewable.Thus, many countries are promoting the investment in solar panels by both households and firms. These panels collect the solar energy all through the day and store it in rechargeable gel cell battery. This energy is used when there is no sunlight to produce lighting or run any other solar-powered device.

Millions of people around the world are switching to LED lights to cut down drastically on electricity bills and do their bit for the planet. LEDs are the new and better alternative to incandescent and CFL bulbs.

Solar yellow lights are powered by solar energy rather than conventional electricity-based lights, and thus they are not only cost effective but also environment-friendly. More importantly solar lighting systems require very little maintenance.




  • You can charge this amazing emergency light anywhere under the sun.
  • Once the battery is fully charged, which takes 5-10 hours (depending on the light intensity), it offers up to 80 hours of bright, safe, and viable light.
  • As an alternative, you can also charge it with wall-plugged charger -that comes along with the package.





Technical Specifications

  • Polycrystalline silicon yellow solar panels
  • It does not contain mercury, also it consumes very low energy and produce low running temperature.
  • Rechargeable NiMH battery
  • IP55 OFF/ON SWITCH (Working time: 8h enough sunlight)
  • Few of the listed lights also has an automatic light sensor which turns the light ON whenever it gets dark and turns it OFF when there is sufficient ambient light around.
  • Monocrystal silicon solar panel
  • Auto sensor
  • Solar panels attached yellow lights are Waterproof .





  • Solar path lights
  • Event & party Fancy Lights
  • Garden patio
  • Airports & Transportation
  • Sign, media, and outdoor advertising
  • Garden Lights
  • Residential & commercial
  • Flowerbeds

So, solar yellow lights give you abundant energy in the electric form after converting the energy collected from the Sun.

Buy solar yellow lights and use the safe, renewable source of energy, which reduces harmful greenhouse gas emissions, reduces carbon footprint, and doesn’t put pressure on water resources.




Tips for Better Performance

  • Regularly clean the solar panels
  • Clean the globes and fixtures
  • Check the batteries for corrosion
  • Replace the batteries, when need
  • Check the wires and connections
  • Adjust fixture positions






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