Solar Zapper

Annoyed by the endless disgusting mosquitoes, flies, and bugs but have no idea to eliminate the problem?

Solar Zappers can help you get rid of them once and for all.

The solar bug zappers are designed in such a way that they attract the mosquitoes and bugs to fly close to it and kill them through high voltage – white light for normal lighting and UV light for killing mosquitoes.

They are powered by built-in solar panels that automatically charge the built-in rechargeable batteries when exposed to Sun.




Solar powered, energy-saving and eco-friendly, they will automatically charge in the day and enter anti-mosquito mode at night.

These zappers, made of high quality ABS plastic are water-proof, durable, and corrosion resistant are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.



Technical Specifications

  • ABS plastic PP Battery
  • AA of 1.2V / 1200mAh NiMH
  • 220V repellent type electric mosquito coil
  • Monocrystalline silicon solar panel LED 3LPS
  • 10 hours charging time
  • Solar-powered, auto charging in daylight
  • ABS+ Amorphous Silicon Solar Panels.



  • Super bright white (purple) & UV LED
  • Switch between white light and bug zapper
  • Dusk to dawn sensor
  • Applies ultra purple light to attract insects, mosquitoes, and flies
  • No electricity or wiring required
  • Can work continuously for 6-8 hours once fully charged
  • The white light can be used to bring light to any garden parties or pathways
  • Can be charged by a computer through the USB port



  • Courtyard
  • Villa
  • Lawn
  • Green road
  • Park
  • Farm
  • Other places..




Go the eco-friendly way to kill insects, flies, mosquitoes, and bugs, with no smell, environment pollution, and harm to human beings. Make use of the solar energy instead of the conventional electric energy and save a lot of money.




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